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Unlimited healthy water for just pennies a gallon.

When you install life flo®, you'll never have to worry about the quality of your water again.

The life flo Water Purification System uses ultra violet light and carbon filters in a patented process that virtually eliminates unwanted chemicals and harmful materials from your drinking water.

Day in and day out, the life flo Water Purification System assures that you and your family get an unlimited supply of the best tasting, purest, most healthful water.

The life flo Water Purification System removes chemicals plus 99.99% of bacteria with a patented Double Pass® system that other methods can't match.

Other water filtration systems can't be as effective

Only the life flo system -- with its Teflon coils and patented Double Pass system plus two carbon filters -- can prevent the bacterial and viral recontamination that can occur using any other system.

The life flo sytem does more than filter --
it purifies water.

The life flo Water Purification System produces water so pure that it meets the most stringent water purity standards while preserving healthful minerals. life flo's performance has been verified by NSF International in the United States and by the Institut Pasteur of France, the world's leading water testing resources.

  life flo water purification system