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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we really need to worry about the quality of our water?

Drinking water is becoming an ever increasing concern, with both tap and bottled water coming under government and media scrutiny. Since at least 1974, with the passage of the Safe Drinking Water Act, there has been a broad recognition that the maintenance of clean and safe drinking water supplies is a local issue that needs federal oversight.

Many of the most egregious sources of contamination have been cleaned up in the quarter century since the passage of the Safe Drinking Water Act, and the effort continues at both the local and federal level. At the same time, however, increased scrutiny of the impact of contaminents on health and well being cause a constant reexamination of what we take into our bodies with each sip of water.

The Environmental Protection Agency provides a good source of information on its website. On that site, the EPA points out that water can be contaminated in one or more of the stages in its life cycle:

  • Before it is processed by a public water supplier
  • During the water treatment process
  • After processing, in the water mains (or even within your own apartment or home)

Of course, the life flo Water Purification System cleans your drinking water in your home, eliminating contaminants picked up en route to your tap.

Why wouldn't I just buy bottled water?

While bottled water seems easy for the homeowner, it is not a great solution. First of all, bottled water is expensive, and there is no guarantee of purity. At a dollar a gallon, a family can easily spend more than $1000 a year on bottled water. And, of course, you have to lug it around and store it.

Many bottled waters are not as carefully regulated as the public water supply. They may not be tested frequently or in depth. Furthermore, questions have been raised regarding the leaching of chemicals into bottled water from plastic containers. Bottled water standards are being made more stringent but implementation takes time.

Does life flo really do a better job?

The life flo Water Purification System eliminates all 126 chemicals, pesticides, water borne parasites and contaminants identified by the EPA, plus 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. Even other home water filtration systems aren't as effective, because the life flo Water Purification System uses a patented ultraviolet double pass system, with 2 integral carbon filters, to:

  • Purify your water
  • Removes harmful chemicals, pesticides, chlorine, etc.
  • Prevent the bacterial and viral recontamination that can occur in other systems
  • Deliver a steady supply of water for your family, your cooking, and your pets

A detailed list of contaminants removed by the life flo Water Purification System is available here.

What about other filtration systems? How does life flo compare to them?


  • Conventional ultraviolet light systems can kill bacteria and viruses but can not remove
    chemicals, pesticides, micro-biological and other contaminants. They also demand high
    maintenance to remove foreign matter and contaminants that build up and block the ultraviolet
    exposure needed to be effective.
  • Reverse osmosis systems only remove certain chemicals and can’t kill bacteria or viruses.
    They require large storage tanks that can become contaminated, as well as frequent supplier
    maintenance and expense.
  • Under-sink carbon filtration Units can reduce chlorine, improve taste and remove some--not all--
    EPA identified chemicals and pesticides, but can’t reduce levels or remove any bacteria or
  • Faucet mounted carbon filters cannot reduce organic, chemical or microbial contaminants;
    can reduce chlorine.
  • Bottled waters have no purity standards imposed by any regulatory body and may be no purer
    than tap water. Using bottled water is very expensive.
  • Water coolers deliver water that has no purity standards and the cooler mechanisms are easily
    contaminated by bacteria.

Has an independent laboratory verified the effectiveness of the life flo Water Purification System?

The life flo Water Purification System produces water so pure that it meets the most stringent water purity standards, while preserving healthful minerals. The performance of the life flo system has been verified by NSF international in the United States, and by the Institut Pasteur of France, the worlds leading water testing resources.

How does life flo work?

We offer a full page on this question here.

What are the mechanical specifications of life flo?

  • Maximum capacity
    1gal/min;3.75 lpm
  • Overall Dimensions
    17" top to bottom x 17.5" across x 5" wide
    42.5cm x 44.5cm x 12cm
    Faucet- 8.5/21.25cm high x .75/1.875cm outside diameter, 1.5/3.75cm diameter at base fitting
  • Ultraviolet lamp
    Fluorescent type: 15 watts
    Theoretical UV dosage: 90000 microwatt seconds/cm2
  • Filter Cartridge
    Modified molded block, activated carbon, rated at nominal 1-2 micron retention
    Granular activated carbon, rated at nominal 20 micron retention
  • Power requirements
    12V DC at 1 amp, with appropriate AC converters supplied with unit